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Im marching for all the friends who have reached out to me to tell me theyre with me in spirit. Im carrying the hopes, dreams and fears of so many. _____ Jan. 21, 2017 10:30 a.m. After a long bus ride, we began the walk from Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium to the rally site, as the D.C. Metro system was too packed. As we walked, more people joined, and folks came out to their porches to cheer us on. Everyone fed off everyone elses energy. People are laughing, chanting and making connections. I love all the little girls marching.

Mariah doesn't love that her booty is hanging out on her IG -- she calls it "totally inappropriate" -- but knows that James is too busy being rich to care. ("He doesn't sit on my Instagram, FYI," she says. "He's making, like, billions of dollars ชุดนอนเซ็กซี่ คนอ้วน and stuff.") Later, for some reason (perhaps, simply, because this is Mariah's World), Mishka rummages through Mariah's undergarments, holds up some lace panties and questions Mimi's underwear habits: "Why don't you ever wear these?" This leads to a classic back-and-forth: "How do you know if I wear those or I don't wear those?" inquires Mariah, while donning a black, lace bra underneath an open silk robe. Mishka suggests wearing them in public. "WHAAAT?" Mimi retorts, shocked. "Out in public where? Where are we going that I'm wearing those?" "To dinner. To lunch." "That's for lunch?" Miska quips: "It's for breakfast." Mariah then holds up a frumpy granny nightgown with absolutely no plunging neckline and tells Mishka, "This is what you've driven me to." And now, to end, a moment of good ol' shade, courtesy of supreme shader Mariah Carey. Amid man drama and important questions over whether Mimi's romp should be displayed on social media, Mariah did not pass on the opportunity to not-so-subtly let her famous "I don't know her" quote resurface. After taking a pic with a fan's selfie stick, the diva reaffirmed her devotion to her diehard ชุดคอสเพลย์ fans. "You don't understand: I knoooooow them," she started, before going in for the kill: "The rest of these people, they don't know their fans." With just two episodes left, what other shade is upon us?

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