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Lord Lamont Were MPs or peers to reject a deal agreed with the other 27 states, the government has said the UK would still leave, albeit without any formal arrangements. But critics are concerned what will happen if there is no deal to vote on, something the government has said is unlikely but possible, and they want Parliament to have the authority to send ministers back to the negotiating table to secure better terms. Lord Lamont, a Brexit-supporting peer who served as chancellor between 1990 and 1993, said arguments for a "meaningful vote" seemed to be predicated on the view that the British public, which voted to leave the EU last year by a margin of 51.9% to 48.1%, would have a change of heart at some point. "The result was clear, the question was simple and unambiguous and yet Brexit is under attack on several fronts," he said in a speech in London. "Some say maybe in the future the British people will change their minds. By that, they mean that they would like to change their minds for them." 'Deeply damaging' Adding to the Article 50 bill was not the same as scrutinising it, he argued. "Amendments should not be used to as a cover by those who are seeking to oppose the results of the referendum. I hope my colleagues in the Lords will see sense." If the Lords pass the "meaningful vote" amendment, the clause will be reconsidered by MPs - who rejected it by a margin of 326 to 293 last month and would be expected to do the same again. Image copyright AFP Image caption The Brexit process is expected to last two years But former Conservative minister Bob Neill, who voted against the government on the issue, has indicated that without further concessions he might rebel again.

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