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As outlined in the agreement between the City and G-P, the donation was made in order to ensure the continued use of the Guest House as a museum for the Fort Bragg and Mendocino County community. Considering the propertys sole purpose, the designation of the grounds as a city park makes perfect sense. Now one of the oldest buildings in town has a new purpose as well. In July, Fort Bragg became the first California city to be declared a Bee City USA. The recently-formed Bee City USA subcommittee recommended that the council make the grounds a park in order to increase visitation to the property and the museum, as well as provide educational opportunities surrounding Fort Braggs certification as a Bee City USA Community. The designation comes with more than just a title and the hope that more people will seek out the Guest House as a destination, however; it also creates future grant opportunities. One of those would be to obtain funds to help develop a pollinator-friendly plant demonstration garden on the grounds. The Fort Bragg Garden Club has shown an interest in upgrading and maintaining the grounds as a park. Another perk of the official park designation is that its sure to develop Fort Braggs Central Business District as an attractive tourist destination, helping to create jobs and keep the local economy strong. Many historic buildings throughout the nation have been lost to indifference, or sometimes the inability to adapt. Its vital that we continue to do whatever we can to nurture and keep its operations evolving in order to ensure its place as a historic piece of Fort Bragg. The Guest House currently serves as the Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Historical Societys headquarters and sees a constant stream of visitors year-round wishing to learn about the rich history of the region.

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