SixChel is an American Cut & Sew Startup Creating #Sustainable Fashion For Women  ร้าน ชุดนอนน่ารัก

We wanted to create the ultimate collection that catered to every woman we possibly could, because we genuinely do believe every woman is beautiful. We should not let others make us feel anything less than just because it is not the “ideal” beauty they are used to. Too often women are shamed into not being able to wear what they want because they have been told they cannot or that it wouldn’t be flattering on them. We were just sick of it. Pink Plastic’s “Pink Lemonade Collection” You mentioned on an Instagram post that other Asian women have thanked you for embracing and showcasing your curves. Moreover, they expressed to you they were “fat shamed” for being curvaceous. Why do you believe there is such a pervasive stereotype that “all Asian women are skinny?” Of course, we are not all actually skinny — it is just that if we want to be thought of as beautiful, we should be. I cannot speak on all Asian countries, but I do know that specifically for Vietnamese people, as mentioned earlier, most share a Westernized standard of beauty. I think this is because while it is a developing country, it is still poor in most areas.

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