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She said about 34,000 people had left rebel areas of Aleppo under the evacuation plan. The United Nations said it had deployed observers to monitor the final evacuations, under a Security Council resolution adopted on Monday. - Pivotal moment - Jens Laerke, spokesman for the UN humanitarian agency, said 31 staff had been assigned for monitoring at Ramussa. Rebel forces, who seized east Aleppo in 2012, agreed to withdraw after a month-long army offensive that drove them from more than 90 percent of their former territory. The deal was brokered by Russia, which launched air strikes in support of Assad's regime last year, and Turkey, which has supported the rebels. As part of the Aleppo evacuation deal, it was agreed some residents would be allowed to leave Fuaa and Kafraya, two Shiite-majority villages in northwestern Syria that are under siege by the Sunni Muslim rebels. About 1,000 people have been able to leave the villages in recent days. The evacuation of Aleppo's rebel-held sector was a pivotal moment in a war that has triggered a major humanitarian and refugee crisis. As well as a major strategic gain for Assad, the withdrawal has put the spotlight on the role of powerbrokers Russia, Iran and Turkey, which agreed this week to guarantee new peace talks and backed expanding a ceasefire. - Failed peace efforts - Repeated attempts at peace for Syria have failed, but UN envoy Staffan de Mistura has said he hopes to convene fresh talks in Geneva in February. Formerly the beating heart of Syria's commercial and cultural industries, Aleppo had been split since July 2012 between rebels in the east and the government in the west.

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