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North Korea threatens to cancel Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting

EPA NORTH KOREA GOVERNMENT POL GOVERNMENT KOR Nauert added that, in the run-up to the scheduling of the summit, Kim had "said previously that he understands the need and the utility" of the joint military exercises involving the South Koreans. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the administration "will look at what North Korea has said independently, and continue to coordinate closely with our allies.” The U.S. Defense Department said the military exercises are annual events, designed to help the U.S.-South Korea alliance defend itself in case of attack. "While we will not discuss specifics, the defensive nature of these combined exercises has been clear for many decades and has not changed," said Army Col. Robert Manning, a Pentagon spokesman. The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported on the threatened cancellation, the first hitch in talks about the summit since Trump announced March 8 he had accepted Kim's invitation. Yonhap reported that the two-week military exercise between the Americans and South Koreans began Friday. Commuters watch a TV screen showing file footage of Donald Trump, right, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a news program at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea. North and South Korean officials were scheduled to meet Wednesday to discuss ongoing efforts to reduce border tensions, including proposals to re-unite families separated during the Korean War of the early 1950s. The South and North Koreans are also talking about a formal peace treaty, as they are technically still at war; the original Korean conflict ended with an armistice signed in 1953. In announcing the cancellation of the meeting with the South Koreans, the North Koreans said that "the United States will also have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned North Korea-U.S.

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Time travel SHOCK: Agent born in 2043 warns of North Korean World War 3 in 2019

He says it is “very important that it gets out there what is about to happen". In the future the world will allegedly suffer several natural disasters which will leave swathes of the planet inhospitable to human life. Most devastatingly of all, the eastern seaboard of the US will fall victim to the most powerful earthquake recorded in human history. The mysterious man says: “In 2022 there was a very large earthquake which hit California. It was a 9.9 on the Richter scale.  Truther's quest to expose top-secret TIME TRAVEL plan Andrew Basiago is attempting to expose Pentagon’s Project Pegasus plan to manipulate TIME during Cold War Time Travel Proof? This YouTuber claims to have been born in the year 2043 He says: “So this is my first time travelling backwards in time. “It’s all a bit odd for me because it is very different from where I come from – technology wise and even socially it is quite different. “I have been forward in time quite a few times, about five or six times.” However, there is very little scientific evidence to suggest that anything Mr Phillips says is true. The confession video, aptly titled “Ok, I am a time traveller”, is the only video uploaded to his channel.

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Travel Tips To Make Your Travels Easier

Do you want to go on vacation? Trips are wonderful, no matter what type they are. Even someone that travels often has more to learn.

Be flexible with your destination on your trip. You can have fun making a routine when revisiting, but maintaining variety can make it more relaxing and memorable. In addition, an alternate destination can help you stretch a tight travel budget.

Research everything that you can about your vacation. Find websites offering lots of reviews and information about the destinations you want to explore. Chat with those who have previously visited the destination. Doing your own research will help you decide.

There's no reason you can't bring your dog with you on the right type of vacation. There are many resorts and hotels that now allow owners to bring their pets along, and travelers are flocking to these types of places. These include cat spas and doggie day care centers. Always call first before bringing you pet with you on a trip.

Keep your young infant occupied on long trips. Familiar and favorite toys are a great start. You may want to purchase a new toy to keep your little one excited.

Always keep in mind where your belongings are, and keep your most important items in a place you always have access to. If you are carrying a purse, be sure to have it tucked neatly under your arm. Bags with easy-to-use zippers may appear tempting at first, but they are also tempting to criminals who want to steal your stuff. These are all points to be considered when selecting the bag you wish to take on your travels.

A luggage tag isn't always enough. You also should place ID inside the bags. A tag hanging from your luggage may easily fall off during transit. You should have ID and contact information inside your bag so it can be returned to you if lost.

If you are forgetful, write down reminders on your bathroom mirror using a dry-erase marker. You can easily lose a note on a slip of paper, but it's hard to ignore writing on a mirror. You will be able to easily remove the note with a tissue, making it easy to clean up.

When you are planning a vacation, doing it online is very efficient. Travel sites will help you plan your travel itinerary with minimal effort. Many of these sites enable you to simultaneously book your flight, lodgings and a rental car. Many of these sites offer package deals that can save you a lot of money. You'll also find great discounts while planning your trip, and deals are often offered for last-minute arrangements.

If you are taking a long plane ride, bring along snacks that you can eat during the trip. Fresh snacks like grapes, strawberries or apple slices break the trip up and give your stomach a break from those heavy airplane meals. It is more affordable, healthy, and a great conversation starter.

Research can make or break your vacation. Go online and look for reviews from others that have previously visited your chosen destination. Their experience can help you avoid staying in a dangerous town or seedy hotel.

Because road trips can be quite boring, it is a good idea to plan things to do along the way. This can break up the boredom that you may experience. To keep the attention of your kids, provide them with a map of the route.

Knowing what you know now, you're better equipped to tackle a trip to any place you want to go. Being a shrewd traveler is the heart of creating a great travel experience for yourself and anyone you travel with. Preparation and research give you a leg up on having an awesome trip. [ทัวร์เกาหลี]

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